New DTV Antenna in our RV – Season 3 Episode 6

Limping along with our roof RV antenna that’s missing one side, we decided to get a new indoor antenna for our DTV. Let see if there’s a difference!

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  • Mark

    Those winegard antennas usually have a power amplifier.  The way the signal was cutting in and out, I would bet that that amplifier stopped working.   Our rooftop winegard antenna just like yours is pretty impressive actually.

  • Mikewarf56

    Is it possible to have a Satelite TV system installed that can be positioned after you set up the RV?

  • TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    There are all kinds of satellite TV system setups out there. Here are a few options that I know of, the first comes in a case and after you setup your RV, you take the dish out of the case and point it to the sky.  The others mount on the roof; one that you can manually adjust the angle from inside the RV or there’s an automatic adjustment option.  It really depends on how much you want to pay! :)

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