Answering Amy & Kyle’s Questions

Amy and Kyle are planning to sell everything and hit the road.  They asked us a bunch of questions about our experiences with RVing and Workamping and instead of just emailing them back we decided to send a video response instead.  :)   We talk about young RVers, making money on the road and living in a RV with dogs.  Feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment if you have any questions that we didn’t answer in the video!

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  • Steve Irwin

    That was a lot of good advice.  Thanks for putting that together.

  • Amy & Kyle

    We had a lot of questions and y’all answered them all. thank you!!! great advice! can’t wait to hit the road.

  • Chris and Sarah

    Hey guys, we have been following you for a while now. We are knee deep in the process, we have been living in our trailer now for 6 months getting it ready and getting a plan together. Just wanted to make contact and let the both of you know- and kyle and amy and whoever else may be interested- theres a facebook site called families on the road with tons of people who ask each other questions and leave comments about the lifestyle.. keep on keepin’ on guys!!! we have a youtube- cyrus10112. check us out and be in touch!

    Chris and Sarah from PA

  • Molly_bolt

    i dont know how often this is checked… but doing this is something ive thought about for yeeears :) ive had a few issues come up & have been really thinking about doing this full time… or atleast for a while. i am definately nervous! i am 34 & have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter. i cant find much info on RVing w children…  also i have read alot & watched yr video… but how do you know or how do you find out which sites offer workamping? can you please give a little more detail on what that could include? where should i start with all of this. i have already started going through & getting rid of stuff to yardsale or donate :) what is a good $$ amt to save to get started? im so excited & have so may questions!! any advise would be amazing! ! im sorry if any of this was answered already… thank you for yr time! jill & molly

  • Zyriana

    Hi!  I found you two through YouTube with your answers to Amy and Kyle video response. I loved it!  I’ve been about 3 years into researching full-timing, and wanted to go full-time when my baby (20 years old) moved out.  So he’s out of the house now, and looks like I’m about 8 months to launch!  So excited, but trying to gather the info as I go.  I’m going to add your blog to my “favs”!  Thank you both for all of your information.  :)  

    My new blog is at www DOT ohfercryingoutloud DOT com but very new.  :)  Thank you again!!