A little bit of crazy to get our RV on the road faster – Season 3 Episode 8


We’ve knocked a bunch a stuff off of our to-do list: We got out of our house, we got another RV, and we’ve gotten a little saved up. But we were getting too comfortable with our paychecks from our 9-5 jobs and we were not working on creating a mobile income as much as we should. So to light a fire under our ass, Duncan quit his day job to solely focus on creating a mobile income. Maybe a little bit of crazy is just what we need to get our asses in gear.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z7IH2KXDAIURAFKFCM3IJMLVMA T

    Hi, I comment on here but I don’t know if they’re going through. I’d like to wish you good luck! Maybe you can help me, I’m wondering if workamping is even worth it. I’m going to be going out full time and I’m trying to figure out the best way to sustain my dream. It seems like a lot of people are down on workamping now. Is it not worth it? Any advice? I’d like to work a job online but I don’t really have any pro-online skills. I mean, I can do basics and I’m can run osx/windows no problem but…idk, maybe I’ll try to get one of those data entry or medical billing jobs where they let you work from anywhere as long as you have a high speed connection??? Please, any ideas or advice would be welcomed. Thank you and take care. Keep up the great work! Tony. (ATJL72@YAHOO.COM)

  • Judy

    Duncan…Keep the faith!! I am planning and plotting the same thing.  We work and work and work all for what to keep up with the jones.  I have no need for that, I want to see and meet folks just like you!!  We will never have enough to retire never never and then one day we wake up and boom we have worked our whole lives away dreaming about retiring.  Well do the dream and figure it all out it seems everyone else can do this why not us???  Keep the faith!!

  • Wanabe fulltimer

    You can do it, you will make it happen.  Maybe you should add a donation button. I will give view a few $$ may other will do the same. For the information you gave us and good advise. I work all day, come home tired, get to bed, go to work and days goes by weeks goes by, that’s not a real life that’s suck!  I don’t like my life, my wife and I are simply tired of that. Don’t give up, we are behind you all the way. 5 more years for us, it feel like eternity !   From Canada, Québec

  • Terry

    Duncan, You can travel around the country getting your B Footage for back grounds etc.  Plus with Still and Video you can do a great Job.  I did notce your video here looks very good.  I will tell you to go to Bill Myers Online and get more ideas about making money than you could ever do.  I do want you to get going and get started.  If you have gotten your MotorHome paid for, then all you have is student loans. (Look at where those got you) 

    I have been a Real Estate Appraiser for the past 27 years and now the marke has crashed.   I am looking at what I want to do, not what I can do.  I am just waiting for the right Motor Home I can buy and start my travels.  I would like to start in Florida on the west side and go south.  Bill Myers just did that and produced a great Video on Treaure Hunting.  You can do something like that with your Motor Home experience.  Shoot 5 min videos an then put about 10 in order on one video to sell to people like me who would Love to do be where you are right now. 

    My wife does NOT want to do this.  She said her Family did this when she was a lot younger and she has no desire to do it again. I do not know what kind of bad memories she has, but  I do think she will be OK when we start in Florida for the summer vacation and be gone 2 months.  I do think that it will be Great!!!! A great man once told me that the Past does not equal the Future.



    PS.  I am going to find out the Truth.

  • Judy

    Duncan I too thought about a donation jar for your site.  Why not for all the great videos and information and keeping my dreams alive.  I could certainly float you a couple of bucks when I have it.  I can share the wealth.!!

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    Hi T, We’re not down on workamping, it’s just it’s better for some people rather than others. It all depends on your situation.  Our little bit of debt (student loans) put us over where workamping alone wouldn’t cover what we need.  It works great when paired with other streams of income.  Have you considered something like eBay as a possible stream? You don’t need a lot of computer skills and your travels will give the ability to check out antique and thirft shops in different places.

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    Thanks Judy! Makes me think of that line from Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying”

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    Thanks Terry. Once we get out there I do plan on shooting HD footage to sell as stock online.  Hopefully it will give a little and grow as the library of clips gets bigger.

    I guess you’ll have to take baby steps with your wife to see if she’ll maybe warm up to life on the road.


  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    Thanks Quebec. The circle of routines really does make it feel like it’s not worth it.  That’s good that you’ve given yourself a timeline, every step forward is a step closer. Hang in there man!

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    The thought of a donation button has crossed our mind. But then we realized that a lot of the people that are following along with us are in the same boat and trying to get out there. Thanks for the offer, it means a lot to us that everyone wants to see us make it. But put that couple of bucks in a savings jar of your own and we’ll see you out there on the road!


  • Mike

    Go for it. I do believe you are right that putting your feet to the fire so to speak is the best way to motivate yourself. I also imagine that as you get started that you will find things that you had never thought of. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Julie and I ( Mike ) will be heading you in late/early May, so hope to see you guys out there.

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    Thanks Mike! Drop is a line when you guys get down here!


  • http://twitter.com/googlegirl Tina Rawlins

    Hey RV’ers. So I’m an avid fan of your blog and youtube channel. What people typically call a “Young RVer” is someone 45 or 50 that is retiring early. (At least it seems that way to me). I love learning more about what I dream to do some day by living vicariously by you guys.

    I had a couple of thoughts. I do SEO/PPC for an agency and I speak daily with brands looking to build “link bait” .. which is a fancy way to say.. interesting content and often includes video.

    I think, in fact… I know.. That if you connected with the marketing teams at any of the RV manufacturers they would love to work with you on some sponsored content. The power video you just did is a great example. Getting tips and tricks like the pizza stone is exactly what is needed out there. You could do a bunch of “best tips” videos from people with all sorts of RV and trailers.. and get peoples name in there.

    I know that RV manufacturers would be impressed especially if you tell them that I am looking to buy a Bounder simply because you guys had one and I really thought it was neat. Thats.. influencing a 25k – 75k purchase.

    I would also love to see at least 15 reviews of campgrounds and their managers/owners and have you blaze the trail for RV’ers. That would increase your value to both consumers like me and the manufacturer.

    Keep doing the good work.. Oh and yeah.. I also suggest partnering with a video distribution point. I mean.. truly.. all the kool kids are doing it.. do some research on video distribution and increase your starpower.. you deserve it.

    tina rawlins

    googlegirl on twitter.

  • Tcwndsr

    Can you post the link to your ebaying blog, also. Good luck in getting back on the road.

  • Kathy Shute

    Rock on Duncan! I appreciate how you’re making it happen and also putting yourself out there while you do it. We’re doing the same thing soon and it is scary but so exciting. I look forward to following your journey.

  • Slowridetrucking

    thank you so much for taking the time to share with all of us ,,we are getting ready to as you say drop out of society as well we realized that if we work really hard for the next 20 years we will wake up with no retirement and will be too old to travel so were hitting the road to live,love and enjoy our short time we have left again thks your a big help and inspiration

  • Alex

    Can you give us an update?

  • O.C

     I appreciate the sentiment, but a few bucks from each reader is no skin off anyones nose. If we can get one couple on the road it’d be victory for all of us. Perhaps a favour in return would be a sort of guest book where donators could leave links to their own websites and donation jars. It’s a win win situation. We are a lot stronger together. Just my two cents. Best of luck in any case.

  • Porterslowrider

    Well I’ve enjoyed your shows just wondering did you guys give up are you back on the road again

  • hello

    SO – last thing you said is that you will keep updated on developments…..

    What’s the developments? Its 2013 – the vid was from 2011

  • nomad

    been silent for a while u guys still at it i hope