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A little bit of crazy to get our RV on the road faster – Season 3 Episode 8

Duncan from Traveling on the Outskirts

  We’ve knocked a bunch a stuff off of our to-do list: We got out of our house, we got another RV, and we’ve gotten a little saved up. But we were getting too comfortable with our paychecks from our … Continue reading


RV Power: LP and Shorepower and Gennys, oh my! – Season 3 Episode 7


We get a lot of questions about power in the RV and how it works. Things like, “How does your refrigerator run while you’re driving?” and, “How quickly do you go through your propane?”.  So we’ve decided to lay it … Continue reading


Answering Amy & Kyle’s Questions

Amy and Kyle ask us some Frequently Asked Questions about our RV lifestyle

Amy and Kyle are planning to sell everything and hit the road.  They asked us a bunch of questions about our experiences with RVing and Workamping and instead of just emailing them back we decided to send a video response … Continue reading


New DTV Antenna in our RV – Season 3 Episode 6

Roof Antenna on our RV

Limping along with our roof RV antenna that’s missing one side, we decided to get a new indoor antenna for our DTV. Let see if there’s a difference!


Dumping the Tanks – Season 3 Episode 5

Emptying Your Sewer Tanks - Se3Ep5 - Traveling On The Outskirts

In this video we talk about how to dump your sewer tanks!  We don’t have the luxury of having a sewer hookup at our site so we have to move about once a week.  Which isn’t all bad since the … Continue reading


Back in a Rig! – Season 3 Episode 4

Bounder in Wickham Park

We finally did it! We got out of the house, picked up the rig from where we were storing it, and got it to Wickham Park. It feels good to live in a rig again!  But it’s not all fun … Continue reading


TOTO Minute: Last Endeavor Shuttle Launch

Last Space Shuttle Launch of the Endeavor

We grew up on the Space Coast and it was pretty cool being able to watch shuttle launches from our backyard. This morning was the last launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor. There’s been talk of privatizing the shuttle program after … Continue reading

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Under The Knife – Season 3 Episode 3

Under the Knife - Duncan has Surgery for Nasal Polyps

You know how it always sounds like Duncan has a cold? Well, it’s actually nasal polyps that’s been plugging him up for years. So in the mist of moving out of the house and getting ready to settle into the … Continue reading


The Bounder Has Landed! – Season 3 Episode 2

97 Fleetwood Bounder Has Landed - Traveling On The Outskirts

It’s finally here! We picked up the Bounder today. It’s a 34′ Class A with a 454. Come with as we give it’s first walk-thru!


Back On Track – Season 3 Episode 1

Back On Track - Getting our Shit Together - Traveling On The Outskirts

Finally, after so many months of planning and saving (or trying to save), we’re taking a big step towards our goals of getting back on the road. Thanks for hanging in there with us and we look forward to meeting … Continue reading

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