Why choose to be a young RVer

RV at Wickham ParkIt’s come to my attention that Jessica and I are a bit of an anomaly when it comes to living the lifestyle that we do.  When people ask me where I live I say, “In an RV.” It comes out as naturally as if they asked me what my favorite color was.  But their reaction to my response isn’t a natural one.  Most are a bit dumbfounded and have to ask again. “In an RV”, I say again.

A curiosity. That’s been the polite description of what we are. Only retired people or families on vacation are the types to live in an RV, right? Who would choose such a lifestyle? To give up most of their material possessions to live in a glorified box on wheels must be a true sign of someone who is crazy, lazy or both.

That’s the general consensus toward young RVers.  But what have we really given up? The right to resign ourselves to live on one postage stamp size plot of land for the next thirty years? To keep running though the same routine, to sit behind the same desk, answer to the same boss, pay the same bills. All while lusting over some useless gadget or piece of furniture that was made by some underpaid worker on the other side of the world to be sold at an exponentially higher price at some fancy mall. Until we’re all so beaten down and numb to it all that we just keep our heads down and wait for the day when we’re so old that society doesn’t want us anymore that then we will finally be free to live life.

That’s what they’re selling and I don’t want it.

And I’m not ashamed that I don’t want it and neither should anyone else out there that feels the same.  We live in a world that is full of color and beauty and character. And I don’t feel the least bit in the wrong to want to see and experience as much of it as I can before I go.  Not everybody says it, but sometimes you can see it in their eyes. Their eyes tell me, “Get back in line”.  But I don’t want to. I look back and I see a gray, cold place, full of people who have their blinders on. I’ve lived there and I never want to return.

Is living as a young RVer easy? No, not at all. It’s a damn hard struggle, we’re fighting right now. But every step is a step forward. No more am I walking in a circle keeping my head down.

There’s a whole world out there, and I know that I’m not alone in wanting to see it with my own eyes, not on a TV screen.  I want to say to all the ones out there who have contacted us saying that you are making your start to break away: It’s not going to be easy to get out there, and even once you’re out there it’s still hard. But it’s worth it. You feel the adventure running through your veins, you feel like you can take on anything, and you feel something that you may have never truly felt before, you feel free.



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  • Liveworkdream

    Fly that freak flag proudly guys, you’re definitely not alone!

  • Taz71098

    If I had the balls and the money, and an Rv I’d do it right now. Right now we WILL do it during school breaks and summer vacations. And I still have to find a solution for getting Mike to do Dialysis in the RV and have a CPAP machine running all night. And the electric,Propane,generator is still so CONFUSING  to me since I am going to be doing this all be myself….

  • Guest

    hey, thanks for your blog. good to know someone out there is making it work.

  • Steve Irwin

    You are doing something that a lot of us would love to do.  You will make it work.

  • Amy l

    Thank you for such a great post!!! You are not alone in your quest to see it all for yourself and to get out of line.  Couldn’t agree more with you. Even as we tell people our plans we have gotten many of the same reactions of “Are You Crazy!! Why leave a perfectly good home….” We too are tired of what everyone else has been selling and were done buying into it. Keep working hard and keep living the dream. You are an inspiration and a support to others. 

  • Ron Johnson

    Bravo!  “…live on one postage stamp size plot of
    land …running though the same routine…answer to the same boss..pay the same
    bills…”  I’ve been there for most of my life.  Now planning to become a full timer in retirement.   Kudos to Amy & Kyle for seeing and seeking the dream early in life.

    Ron Johnson

  • CW

    I LOVE this post! Thank you for being an inspiration to me, another young would-be traveler. I am going to go read your archives. My husband and I desperately want to sell our house and live more simply (maybe in a boat, maybe an RV, maybe a tiny house). Thanks!

  • http://thegoodluckduck.blogspot.com The Good Luck Duck

    We’re not as young as you guys, but younger than most fulltimers.  We just didn’t “get it” as soon as you did!  

  • Kathy Shute

    Rock on Duncan!! What an inspiring and honest truth…I haven’t seen this concept written so well before! 

  • Andy

    good luck and take care on the road!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634243189 Rebecca Cloud

    Not as uncommon as you think. My husband and I are under the age of 30, and we’ve been living the RV lifestyle for 2 years now :) We live in a class c with our two dogs, and circumnavigate the country. We chose to live this way for similar reasons. Before this, we lived in a one of the worst economical states in the country, NH, and wanted to break up the monotony of having high rent and a job that didn’t pay beans. We’re happier this way, have a LOT more money then we ever did, and don’t feel like caged animals anymore.

    We’re not retired, we’re just good at life!

  • Mango Martini

    Beautifully told. I gave up on the rat race 2 years ago and now run an online business. 2 days ago I decided to drop the apartment and will buy a travel trailer in February to start my life as a full time RVer in March, (will keep the business running) and will start selling all my belongings soon. My ass is on fire and there is no looking back. Thanks for the great message.

  • foolishbehavior13@gmail.com

    We will continue to follow this post to see if we have any responses to this comment. My gf and I have given up all the trappings of living with the Jones’s. I took an early retirement and bought a sailboat that we have lived on for the past 4 yrs. We found we are still in the same boat (no pun intended). We now have an RV and spent 7 months traveling the Pacific NW. The problem we found was that most RVers are grumpy old senior citizens who act as though we are invading their world. We looked hard for a younger group of RVers without luck. My hope is to find other couples out there who are available to pick a spot on the map and head there together or as a group. We are Mike and Maile (Miley) foolishbehavior13@gmail.com.

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    Check out NuRVers – http://www.nurvers.com/ – they have meetups and are mostly younger couples rather than retirees. :) They’re on FB as well.

  • Andrea

    What are your jobs? If you dont mind the intrusion…