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For YEARS I have wanted to share some link love but I kept putting it off.  I finally bit the bullet and here it is!  I know, the list is very slim at the moment but I plan on adding to it as much as possible!   If you have a suggestion to someone we need to read let us know or if you just want to trade links drop us a lineCheck out the whole list!

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  • Steve

    I was thinking about you two today.  Looked at your blog to see if there were any updates.  How are you two doing?  The decision to live unconventionally still viable?  I would love the opportunity but its not doable at this time for us.  Just wondering.

  • http://www.TravelingOnTheOutskirts.com/ TravelingOnTheOutskirts

    We’re still hanging in there!  Currently saving up every penny so we can put it in the tank and take another trip.  Start saving now! :D

  • Joe Perrone Jr.

    I have a 1999 Starcraft pop up camper that we bought two months ago used.  When I went to set it up today for the first time, everything went perfectly, except that the top half of the door would not fit properly into the bottom half of the door.  I checked the leveling of the trailer and it was perfect, front to back, and side to side.  I don’t dare crank it up higher, because the caution line is exactly lined up where it should be.  I imagine I would have to crank the top up at least 3/4″ more to get the top half of the door to swing in and lie flat.  Help!!!
    Note: One thing I was thinking of was this. I had already raised the top of the pop up before leveling the trailer. After it was already fully assembled, then I leveled it. Could this have caused the problem? If we can’t use the door, we can’t use the trailer, so I’m really in need of some help here.
    When we bought the camper, the previous owners had us erect it, and we didn’t have any trouble at all with the door, that’s why it is particularly puzzling.