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Jessica Making Sign

We finally had our yard sale last week, and man am I glad it’s over.  Yard sales are one of those things that are fun to go to but agonizing to host.  Over the last year of living the stationary … Continue reading


TOTO Minute: Last Endeavor Shuttle Launch

Last Space Shuttle Launch of the Endeavor

We grew up on the Space Coast and it was pretty cool being able to watch shuttle launches from our backyard. This morning was the last launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor. There’s been talk of privatizing the shuttle program after … Continue reading

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Under The Knife – Season 3 Episode 3

Under the Knife - Duncan has Surgery for Nasal Polyps

You know how it always sounds like Duncan has a cold? Well, it’s actually nasal polyps that’s been plugging him up for years. So in the mist of moving out of the house and getting ready to settle into the … Continue reading


Trimming the Fat

Trimming the Fat...getting rid of the crap that keeps you down - Traveling On the Outskirts

It feels great to build the momentum again. To have the feeling that adventure is right around the corner. But before we can head out on this journey, we have a loose end to tie up. We have to get … Continue reading

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Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed - Traveling On The Outskirts

We’ve been getting a lot of emails from everyone asking about our, what would appear to be, drop off the face of the planet. And we’re sorry that’s it’s been so long since we’ve updated. A lot has changed… in … Continue reading

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Gearing up for the RV Supershow

Gearing up for the RV Supershow - Traveling On The Outskirts In Tampa, FL

RVs, accessories, special speakers, and campground reps. That’s what you’ll find at the 2010 Florida RV Supershow. Being held at Tampa which is about an hour away from us and having just about everything under the sun, we pretty much … Continue reading