Girl Power – Women in RVs

Orange Cone by ThinkVisualDesign

Getting behind the wheel of a big rig can be a pretty daunting task and I’ve received a few emails and comments about how inspiring it is to see a little thing like me behind the wheel of this huge … Continue reading


10 items that make my life in an RV easier

10 things I use while RVing

Life in an RV isn’t more difficult than living in a house, it’s just different and just takes a little adjusting to get used to. And there are a few items out there that can help make life on the … Continue reading


A little bit of crazy to get our RV on the road faster – Season 3 Episode 8

Duncan from Traveling on the Outskirts

  We’ve knocked a bunch a stuff off of our to-do list: We got out of our house, we got another RV, and we’ve gotten a little saved up. But we were getting too comfortable with our paychecks from our … Continue reading


RV Power: LP and Shorepower and Gennys, oh my! – Season 3 Episode 7


We get a lot of questions about power in the RV and how it works. Things like, “How does your refrigerator run while you’re driving?” and, “How quickly do you go through your propane?”.  So we’ve decided to lay it … Continue reading


The Hunt for a RV Dinghy Toad Vehicle Begins

Towing 4 on the floor

Long before we bought the Bounder, Jessica and I weighed the pros and cons on what style of RV to get.  Each has their perks, but ultimately we decided that we were going to go the class A or class … Continue reading


Why choose to be a young RVer

RV at Wickham Park

It’s come to my attention that Jessica and I are a bit of an anomaly when it comes to living the lifestyle that we do.  When people ask me where I live I say, “In an RV.” It comes out … Continue reading


Answering Amy & Kyle’s Questions

Amy and Kyle ask us some Frequently Asked Questions about our RV lifestyle

Amy and Kyle are planning to sell everything and hit the road.  They asked us a bunch of questions about our experiences with RVing and Workamping and instead of just emailing them back we decided to send a video response … Continue reading


Sending Good Vibes to Russell

Russell Means

Today I was sitting back taking a break during lunch and a thought shot through my head, “How’s Russell doing?”. So I went to his website to see what he’s been up to lately and I was sad to find … Continue reading


New DTV Antenna in our RV – Season 3 Episode 6

Roof Antenna on our RV

Limping along with our roof RV antenna that’s missing one side, we decided to get a new indoor antenna for our DTV. Let see if there’s a difference!


♥♥♥ Sharing is Caring ♥♥♥

For YEARS I have wanted to share some link love but I kept putting it off.  I finally bit the bullet and here it is!  I know, the list is very slim at the moment but I plan on adding to it as much as possible!   If you have a suggestion to someone we need to read let us know or if you just want to trade links drop us a lineCheck out the whole list!